Erynn (erynn999) wrote in puget_sound_crs,

University of Washington Medievalists Colloquium

Today about 2:30pm, there will be a presentation of papers in Medieval studies, including one on "The Legend of Vereticus: An Ancient Celtic Tale from 1860s" by alfrecht, wherein a king becomes a werewolf via scribal error. His paper is scheduled for 5pm. The colloquium will be held at Smith Hall in room 305. Papers are limited to 20 minutes. Others that might be of interest to folks on my flist include "Female Combatants in the German Judicial Duel", and "Containing Virginity: Sex and Society in Early Medieval England."

There will be a book raid on the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries before the main event. Come one, come all and hang out with history geeks.

Hope to see you there!
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