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Upcoming Workshop

Celtic Storytelling: Beyond the Boundaries
An Interactive Workshop with Dr. Phillip A. Bernhardt-House

Saturday, August 5, 2006, 12:30 PM-8:30 PM

Edge of the Circle Books
701 E. Pike Street (2 blocks west of Broadway)
Seattle, WA 98122

Celtic Storytelling: Beyond the Boundaries

This afternoon-and-evening workshop is not a storytelling presentation, nor a “how-to” workshop for those unfamiliar with the techniques of performance, but rather an informative and creative interactive event in which various principles of traditional Celtic (particularly Irish) literary technique will be employed to expand upon, challenge, and redefine the established canon of Celtic storytelling and the spaces left in it. While familiarity with Celtic culture, Insular Celtic literature (from which all the great “myths” of the Celts, as they are now known, originate) and traditional storytelling (which usually focuses on later, often imported, themes that may have mythic elements) would be helpful, they are not required for participation in this workshop. Bring your creativity and your willingness to speak and share, and imbas forosnai will take care of the rest!

While there is no “required reading list” for participation in this workshop, those unfamiliar with Insular Celtic narrative might become more familiar by reading some of the following, fairly-easy-to-acquire, texts:
The Tain, trans. Thomas Kinsella
Early Irish Myths and Sagas, trans. Jeffrey Gantz
The Celtic Heroic Age, ed. John T. Koch and John Carey
Ancient Irish Tales, ed. T. P. Cross and C. H. Slover
King of Mysteries, ed./trans. John Carey
The Mabinogi, translations by Patrick K. Ford, Gwyn and Thomas Jones, or Jeffrey Gantz are best; avoid Lady Charlotte Guest at all costs!
Hero-Tales of Ireland, Jeremiah Curtin
Carmina Gadelica, Alexander Carmichael

Dr. Phillip A. Bernhardt-House has been a practicing pagan for 14 years, is a Quatremvir in the Ecclesia Antinoi, and recently finished a Ph.D. in Celtic Civilizations at University College Cork (Ireland), specializing in Celtic literature, religion, and mythology. Phillip has presented papers internationally at various conferences, including Celtic and medievalist gatherings, in the U.S., Ireland, Canada, Britain, and Scotland, and has published academic articles in Cosmos, Foilsiú, and Béascna, as well as nonacademic writings in The White Crane Journal and elsewhere.

Workshop Cost: $40 (student/unwaged rates can be negotiated in advance)
For any questions or to indicate intention to attend, please e-mail

Workshop Timetable
12:30 PM Meet and Greet
1:00 PM SHARP!! Beginning of workshop, introductions
1:30 PM “Blarney”
2:30 PM “The Three Things Required of a Poet”
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM “Elaboration”
4:30 PM “Continuation”
5:30 PM Break for dinner
6:30 PM “Glossing and Senchas”
7:15 PM Shared Storytelling
8:30 PM Conclusion and Farewells

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