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Seattle Area CR gathering, first three months schedule

I spoke with Robert this evening about setting up a once a month gathering at Edge of the Circle. After looking at the calendar, I've scheduled the following dates:

Second Monday of the month, 7-9pm:

January 14
February 11
March 10

The January meeting will be a discussion of what our goals and interests are as CRs who wish to learn and work together. I'd like to suggest that folks either get a copy of the CR FAQ (if you weren't one of the folks who actually helped compose it) or download it to read over as we work through some of our planning for the subsequent sessions.

I talked to Robert to see if he could get copies, but because the book is not available to him at a wholesale discount, he's not able to carry the book. Getting it directly from the CR FAQ website rather than or other online bookshop will guarantee that all profits go to Gaelic language charities rather than merchants.

If anyone has questions or thoughts, please drop me a line at inisglas (at) seanet (d0t) com. Please feel free to bring anyone who's interested, whether they are CR or not. Other reconstructionists are always welcome, but the focus of the group is on Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism.
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