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Manannán ritual, Saturday, June 28th

We're meeting at Edge of the Circle at 2pm on Saturday, June 28th, then carpooling over to Carkeek Park for the actual ritual. If you'd like to attend, please come by 2pm so we can get started on time -- we'll wait for folks we KNOW are coming, but we'd like to head out from that central location as close to 2pm as possible.

Please bring a potluck dish to share. We'll probably have 8-10 people coming. Also bring a bottle of beer or other beverage as an offering to Manannán. Flowers are also good for ritual offerings. We'll be walking from the parking lot to the beach, and do expect to get your feet wet -- wear shorts or a pair of pants you can roll up and bring a pair of flippies if you don't want to get your tootsies all mangled on the rocks under the water. Please contact Erynn if you have any questions!

Here's a brief outline of the ritual:

purification (juniper)

praise poems for Manannán, to include verses from Manx Traditionary Ballad

first offering (food & beer & flowers) by ritual leader with words to the effect that as it was done on the heights of Barool and the shore at Keamool, so it's being done now with our thanks and a request for safety as we pass through the mists this year

individual offerings and prayers by all who have brought them

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