Itinerant hacker adventuress (thewronghands) wrote in puget_sound_crs,
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Interest in an academic Celtic book group?

I've been trying to carve out more time to read some more academic books relevant to CR spirituality recently, and I'd love people to discuss them with. Would any of y'all be interesting in doing a Puget Sound CR book group, where we all pick one book per month or so that's germane to our mutual interests, read it over the course of the month, and then meet to discuss it? If so, I'd love people to read with. What would you like to read that you haven't read yet? What have you already read that you'd like to get others to read and discuss? (I'll suggest a few on my list in the comments, but I'd love to hear yours!) If people think a book a month is too much, we could section up the books and work more slowly; I'm just sort of fishing for interest here.

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