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January CR meeting logistics and Seattle dindsenchas field trips

Now that the seasonal furor has died down a bit, we can perhaps reasonably talk about scheduling a local CR get-together. [grin] When is good for y'all? I've got a slight preference for this week, as it's the only week that I *know* I'll be in town, but let's pick a date that works reasonably well for as many people as possible. So:
  1. When?
  2. Where?

As to when, I offer up a tentative suggestion of this Sunday, Jan. 8th. (Are weekends easier for most people than a weeknight?)

As to where, I'm more than happy to play hostess if we decide that we'd rather a private setting than a restaurant -- I'm in an apartment in Cap Hill. If someone with more space wants to volunteer, I'm good with that, too. A third option is to choose a restaurant or cafe. I know last time people wanted a quieter setting than the B&O -- suggestions welcome. Do we want to meet up somewhere in Seattle as a reasonably central location, or venture elsewhere?

I know there was some discussion about doing Seattle dindsenchas field-trips, and I think we've got people in Seattle itself, on the peninsula, north in Everett, and really north in the islands. I'm interested in seeing where y'all go to connect with the land in all of these places, and I know I'm not the only one. Where do you locals think would be good locations for such outings? I suspect that these too would be easier to schedule on weekends. Ideally, we could have dinner together afterwards for everyone to compare their impressions and trade stories.

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