Prof. Jeremy M. R. F. Chesterfield-Pickles III (alfrecht) wrote in puget_sound_crs,
Prof. Jeremy M. R. F. Chesterfield-Pickles III

Cath Muighe Tuireadh

Hey, does anyone in this area have a copy of the Brian O Cuiv "Cath Muighe Tuireadh," published by DIAS? I have the Elizabeth Gray/ITS one, but O Cuiv's is what is called CMT2(2) (with the second "2" in superscript), because it is an early modern verison of it as opposed to Old/Middle Irish version, which is Gray's). While DIAS sells it for very cheap, the funds are rather tight right now, and my credit card is maxed out pretty much, so it would be great to have a look at a few bits of it if someone local has a copy. (UW library doesn't have it--I already checked; for some reason, though, they use the spelling of the Early Modern Irish title for Elizabeth Gray's edition, which is not correct...odd.)

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