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March get-together and salmon ruminations

Y'all up for a March get-together? I'd prefer a non-weekend date for this one, if possible, as I'll be out of town for the next three weekends. However, I bow to the scheduling needs of the masses.

Also, I was reading "Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest", and it occurred to me that the place that salmon holds in the local mythologies is more akin to the role of cattle in Irish myth than of salmon -- most of the legends that deal with salmon runs seem to be concerned with wealth of nourishment being provided or denied to the various tribes. There are a bunch of instances of Coyote stealing someone's salmon or making a dam, falls, or rapids in the rivers just downstream of tribes that had pissed him off. I find that to be interesting, but it doesn't really change the way that I work with it. I'm wondering if anyone else has other experiences or associations -- how much does local Native mythology affect your perceptions of the land you live on?
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